Learn how to pay attention, know better, and DO BETTER when choosing men!


Avoid moochers, abusers, baby daddy drama and more by taking action on the things you see in a potential mate before its too late!

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Hi, I'm Nichole White, Founder of Detail Your Ideal Male

and I want to help you LOSE YOUR LOSERS!


Ladies, Are You Tired of Dating Losers, Abusers, and Deadbeat Daddies?


Aren't you sick of it, too? I know I was... 


Tired of useless guys -- the moochers -- the ones that are out to take advantage of a woman any way they can...


Men who have no issues making babies, but think helping care for them is too much to ask….


Dudes who expect perfection and submission from women, but bring nothing to the table themselves…


It's time for all of them to get kicked to the curb where they belong.


I teach women to pay attention and watch for specific personality traits / signs of a good guy, to eliminate poor dating choices and their problems. 


Paying Attention to and Taking Action on What you See in Men

Can Help You Avoid Unnecessary Pain in Your Relationships. 


Doing this keeps you from getting involved with the deadbeats, moochers, and jerks that are complained about by women everywhere.


I Used to "Date By Default" 

Much Like You Might Be Doing Right Now...


​When I started dating years ago, I was young and didn’t fully understand who I was, what I wanted, or what I stood for. So, I had a tiny bit of an excuse for not taking control of what dating material came into my life and how to analyze whether it fit me. 


Because of my ignorance, I did what I call “dating by default”: accepting whoever asked me out, and then sticking with him for the long haul regardless of how he treated me because I feared I wouldn’t get another guy...


​Learn How to Avoid Moochers, Abusers, "Baby Daddy Drama" and More

by Taking Action on the Things You See in a Potential Mate Before it’s Too Late!


​Brandon. Keith. Don.  All were really bad for me. Now I know better and I want as many women as possible to avoid my mistakes. 


Oh, and one more thing: I hate Father's Day. Well, what I actually hate about this particular holiday is reading post after post in my social networks where female friends, acquaintances and even strangers are doing one main thing...complaining about their "baby-daddies":  


"My baby-daddy ain't s***. He doesn't visit his son! And he doesn't pay child support!


So, why have a child--or even a relationship--with this guy in the first place?


Can't Complain About a "Deadbeat Dad"

if you Don't Have a Deadbeat Dad, Right?! 


If we would just pay attention to who he really is and not let emotions overwhelm logic, we can avoid A LOT of these issues. 


I help women make a plan, decide what type of man she wants to be with, and pursue the right one for her, not wait on just any guy to wander by.


Ready to LOSE your LOSERS?!

Here’s Where to Start...


You can start by signing up for my FREE email course, Is He Marriage Material: Not If You Have To Slice Off Pieces Of Yourself To Fit Into His Life


You can also learn more dating tips for womwn,  finding the right guy and what to look for in a man in the blog posts below. 


If you have any questions or need any additional help, feel free to reach out through my contact page.


Here’s to your journey!



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