• Nichole White

Why Was DYIM Created?

If we would just pay attention and not let our emotions overwhelm our good judgement, we can avoid A LOT of these issues we complain about.

I hate Father's Day.

Not that I hate the concept of a day honoring fathers, mind you…I loved celebrating that day with my own dad when he was around. What I really hate is reading post after post in my social networking streams like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. where female friends, acquaintances and yes, even strangers, are doing one thing...complaining about their "baby-daddies":

"My baby-daddy ain't s***.

He doesn't visit his son!

 He doesn't pay child support.

 He's a piece of crap"

 and on and on.

So my question to the ladies is:

 Why have a child - - or even relationship--with this guy in the first place?!

Now, I understand being in love, and being blind to his faults…at least initially.

But it's time that us girls get real and ruthless about the kinds of guys we choose to associate with. That's why this whole concept of Detail(ing) Your Ideal Male exists.

It's to help women avoid getting involved with men that are the primary deadbeat dads, moochers, and jerks that are complained about the world over.

If women would just pay attention and not let their emotions overwhelm their good judgement, they can avoid A LOT of these issues they complain about.

It's not terribly hard, and our communities, our potential kids, and most of all ourselves are worth it!